Dubai and Fashion: An Everlasting Bond

The term “Fashion” refers to the acceptance of a specific trend or style by the mass population to enhance their physical beauty or personality. The demand for fashion has been continually increasing, and over time, the fashion industry has seen a tremendous spike at the international level. Dubai is one of the top tourist destinations, which attracts a huge count of worldwide tourists, having different tastes in fashion. Designers and industry professionals are flocking to Dubai, which is fast making its mark on the industry. The fashion culture of Dubai amalgamates bold and bright creations while having a natural inclination towards classic designs. UAE has always been welcoming to the latest fashion trends while creating its trends at the same time.

Dubai is a home for creative people from all across the country, adding an ethnic touch to their creations. This has made the city the hub for ethnicity in fashion. Dubai's fashion industry is booming. The calendar is full of fashion events and the consumers are excited to participate in the industry and stay up to date with trends. The market has a lot of potential with big fashion houses seeing the opportunity for expansion and curating a line for this region and this is just the beginning! It’s a platform for international and home-grown talent to showcase their designs. It also attracts around 10,000 people every year.

Dubai-based Amato is a global designer brand and couture house with a cult following, having dressed the likes of Beyonce, Shakira, and Katy Perry. It's headed up by Philippines-born designer Furne One. Moris Fashion Week in Dubai will be that perfect platform for established as well as new designers, to showcase their creativity to the crowd, which boasts of in-depth and exquisite fashion knowledge and tastes are always welcoming to try out new creations. The event also promises to be a perfect platform for collaborating and developing relationships between the designers and models, hair/make-up artists, and photographers, who can work together to give these exquisite creations, a larger-than-life projection for the audience, attending the grand spectacle.

Dubai Venue

Moris Fashion Week will be the Fashion Industry’s biggest statement in conquering the global pandemic. It will have the participation of 100+ top and upcoming Designers with their latest creations. 50 Top Celebrities to attend and walk the ramp with 200 top models, showcasing the collections in 21 fashion shows spanned over 3 days of continuous activities.

No of Sponsors20
No of Days3
Media channel coverageTelevision, Radio, Social media

Dubai - Moris Fashion Week Statistics

Moris Fashion Week will have estimated footfalls of 12,000+ spanned over 3 days, the break-up is as below:


Footfall at MFW Dubai

Age group of


Moris Fashion Week Dubai will witness a mixed bag of young and experienced attendees, with more than half the audience expected to be in the below 30 years bracket,

Gender of


Women are expected to dominate the gender demographics, with more than 60% representation.

MFW 2022 - Things To Watch Out For

Moris Fashion Week will be a 3-day long mega-fashion event, which will not only be an exhibit of the designer creations but will also explore future styles & trends for the industry. There would be panel discussions and interactive sessions with the audience. Nothing could take the spotlight away from the top celebrities who will be a visual delight to fashion enthusiasts as well as to the audience.

All 3 days of Moris Fashion Week will have 3 enterprising slots:


Morning Maven

Exhibition | Fashion Talks shows Open to general public

10:30 AM – 1:00 PM


Afternoon Allure

Exhibition | Fashion Talks show | Ramp show Entry by invites only

2:00 PM – 04:00 PM


Evening Emphasis

Exhibition | Fashion Talks show | Ramp show Entry by invites only

6:30 PM – 11:00 PM

Highlights Includes


See a plethora of established designers and budding talents impress with their creativity & imagination on the runway. The designers’ entourage includes a bevy of stunning models presenting their creations.


‘See now, Buy now’ Sounds exciting? There would be signature collections of the participating designers and brands available which you can grab your hands on right away!


Besides designers & their creations, this 3-day series will include workshops and interactive sessions by fashion industry professionals.


Visitors can meet up for casual talks, try instant makeovers and consultations with Makeup artists and Hairstylists. A chance to have a fresh perspective, insights regarding the latest trends.


Imagine the atmosphere when the glamorous showstoppers would walk in romantic, feminine, and soft silhouettes - The show will come to a complete halt!


Exclusive platform for post-show brand endorsements, media interviews, sessions, and discussions with designers, celebrities, international guests, models, stylists, make-up artists, fashion bloggers etc.


Participants and distinguished guests will be invited to the Media Launch of Moris Fashion Week Delhi 2022 happens through a press conference involving elite socialites & fashion Industry influencers.


A grandeur runway designed for models to showcase designer ensembles with glam & style. Seamlessly designed with the backdrop branded with the huge Moris Fashion Week logo.


MFW 2022 will have a comprehensive media plan with promotional campaigns exploring all the available avenues. The Selfie points will have logos of all the participating sponsors.


Inclusion of ‘Title Sponsor & Co-Sponsor’ as the presenter on all Fashion Show Backdrops, PR Walls, Canopy, and Roll-up Standees, with promotional posters which highlight their brand name and logo.


Sponsors get the advantage of being creatively marketed via all Moris Fashion Week 2022 merchandise which will have the logos of Title & Co-sponsors.


PR Activity across the city along with marketing on billboards for promoting Moris Fashion Week 2022 in strategic road locations with sponsor logos.


Extensive promotional activities like advertising on Fashion/Pop Magazines Articles - Digital & print along with flyers distributed at pubs, cafes, malls, salons, etc


Adverts/messages to be conveyed about the MFW 2022 to assure that it reaches the target audience. The radio ad campaign will be present in various media channels that people listen to daily.


Logos and branding are to be displayed on the tickets. MFW will be having admission tickets printed with our Title & Co-sponsors’ logos at the back of the ticket.


Rigorous Digital marketing through Display/ Video Ads, Social Media Marketing, SEO, and Email/ campaigns to reach a wider audience.


Promotional campaigns on all Social Media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, E-mail, and WhatsApp in collaboration with Social Media Influencers.


Glamorous celebrities, intriguing designers, talented makeup artists, hairstylists, fashion stylists, VIP guests, dazzling models, social media influencers- All under ONE roof!


MFW 2022 has a comprehensive media plan exploring all available avenues including Print Media, Digital Platforms along with Radio and Television Promotions. Reaching millions of people through all Social Media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, along with E-mail and WhatsApp campaigns and promotions on all global Moris platforms. MFW 2022 will be broadcasting our ramp walks LIVE on the website. It gives our designers and sponsors remarkable reach to audiences helping to build trust; generating a unique way to excite them beyond in-person experiences.

Media Partner

Exclusive media partners for all Moris Fashion week updates guarantee that our event is promoted thoroughly. Our target audience will increase since their favorite media outlet will be partnering with us. Quality backlinks from a reputable media outlet will work wonders for our event website’s SEO. We would be having a broadened network. More coverage, credibility, SEO, and networking will ultimately be leading to an increase in ticket sales for MFW.

Radio Partner

Leading Radio/ FM service providers will be partnering for promoting Moris Fashion Week. Radio will help us reach a wider target audience. Exclusive content will be played along with celebrity shoutouts and interviews. Media partners will be mentioned on our promotional platforms with their logos and details.

Print Partner

Publishing on 20+ top print newspapers/ fashion & lifestyle magazines. As a route to delivering our message and promoting our show, our print partners will be publishing about our event. Exclusive interviews and post-event highlights will be covered in the leading newspapers and magazines. The media partner's logo will be added to our promotional materials and websites.

Associate Partner

Associate Partners will be lending expertise to promotional campaigns and organizing of MFW. The event partner will not only add value through associating their brand to our event but through opening up their exclusive marketing and promotions channel to help promote it to their audience.

Social Media Influencer

Top Social Media Influencers promoting MFW through articles, blogs, video shoutouts. Our social media influencers will provide wider promotion, tighter engagement and will be acting as the on-floor and in-session reporters. They will also be adding value to our sponsors by blogging live updates from their social media page.


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